Chapter 7 Reflection

To be honest, chapter seven was kind of a disappointment after the excellence of the preceding chapters. McManus talked about how we are all masterpieces and God is forming us, though it may take longer for some and the journey may have a lot of bumps and rough patches along the way.

It’s not that I don’t agree with McManus on this front. I do. However, this is one of the most overplayed narratives in Christianity. You start out with someone is rough and they go through a lot of terrible things in life (this is God chipping away at them), before they hit rock bottom, then they find God and their life is reversed (the masterpiece is revealed). I have heard this exact narrative a thousand times. I wish McManus would have ended it in a different way.

He did talk about one thing that stuck with me. Jesus’ first miracle was turning water to wine. He said that some of us are frustrated by how long it takes us to turn to wine, but we must all start as water. I like this idea, that we’re all the same until He makes us into something different.