Chapter 1 Reflection

Erwin Raphael McManus’ The Artisan Soul opens sounding honestly a bit like a self help book. In the first chapter, McManus talks about how everybody is an artist, everyone is creative, everyone is capable of great art, etc. This is positive on the surface level, but not entirely realistic.

I am not an artist. At least not in your typical drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, knitting, singing, acting, etc., forms of craft that come to mind when you think of the word art. The only way I could describe myself as an artist were if words were my paintbrush. In that case, I might just be an artist.

McManus seems set to convince me and every reader that we are capable of anything. I’m not sure if that is true. However, I do agree with him on one major point. He argues that we are creative because God is creative and God created us; therefore, we are creative.

I do believe God put an innate desire in everyone to create. That’s why we live in houses, not in nature. That’s why we hang art on our walls, not leaving them bare. That’s why I’m typing this on a laptop, not saying it in person.

Here is to seeing what we can all create in this class over this spring.